Stop Waving the Finger

Brain health assessments still often include “the follow my finger” test. These results are blunt and highly subjective, based on the skills of the individual providing the test, and there is no objective data being captured and charted over time. In general, capturing brain health data is either expensive and invasive, or subjective and self-reported. Every brain is complex and unique. A simple, fast and objective eye-tracking solution is a fundamental and essential new tool to support brain health monitoring.

Anytime, Anywhere

EyeGuide Focus is highly-mobile brain health monitoring tool that is easy to deploy and test in any setting. Its extremely affordable price point allows for customers at all levels to implement unlimited testing and monitoring with EyeGuide Focus throughout their entire organization.

EyeGuide Focus is SOFAST™

Easy to use and non-invasive
Capture, chart and analyze scientific data - no more “follow my finger” test.
10 seconds. One test.
Exceptionally cost effective (less than a cup of coffee per day)
Know where you stand versus your own results and others like you
Monitor your entire organization’s activities, results and wellness over time