EyeGuide Focus®

One test. 10 seconds.

Focus on Your Wellness

EyeGuide Focus is objective visual testing, and it’s fast. The test takes just 10 seconds from start to finish.

Record an initial test, and then take as many tests as you want over time, to see trends in your results.

Improve Visual Acuity

Richard, who is 42, wakes up every day and, before eating or exercise, takes the Focus test. Richard may take the same test again using Focus after he exercises, or before he goes to bed, to see comparisons. Richard may also carry out exercises to promote better performance on this testing using Focus’s built-in visual training exercises. 

Monitor Performance

Stephanie is 16 and a competitive high school soccer player. Stephanie’s athletic trainer wants to help her be her best, so she checks Stephanie’s performance before and after practice, sometimes at different times of the day, to see how Stephanie does against her best or others. Focus helps Stephanie monitor her performance.


Enrique is 23 and an enlisted soldier. He wants to be the best warfighter for his country. After significant training and/or field deployment, he often gets tired, dehydrated, or faces other challenges. What is his visual acuity before and after all these activities? Using Focus, Enrique can measure his functional eye movement, and he can also use Focus as part of his training.


Elise is 70, newly retired, and she wants to stay active and healthy. She has been dealing with sleep issues. Testing every day, she uses Focus to capture objective information to track her daily progress and implement strategies to improve her overall mental acuity.

Do you test better when you have more rest? Do you test worse after a game, strenuous training, or a long day on the job?

why eye tracking matters

Measure eye movements before and after any activity.

Eye-tracking from EyeGuide gives you the power and ability to quickly, objectively, and effortlessly check your visual acuity.

We know you want to be the best, so we made it easy for you to capture, chart, and analyze objective data about your functional eye movement.

track your results

Capture. Chart. Analyze.™

Eye-tracking is especially useful when you can compare your results over time.

Using EyeGuide Focus, you can measure your eye movements as often as you'd like, then adjust your training accordingly.

The best training comes from determining what works—and how—then continuing to improve. Let EyeGuide Focus help you become better.

objective data

We let you easily capture, chart, and analyze objective data about your eye movements


We made it simple to record/view data.


We provide you with objective data.


EyeGuide is quick: 10 seconds.


Uniquely cost-effective.

eye tracking training

Improve your visual acuity over time using Focus’ built-in visual training exercises

do you know how your eyes move?

The EyeGuide platform empowers you to see how your eye movements change before and after different activities.

We know you want to check your performance and wellness, so we made a platform that lets you test as often as you want, before and after exercise.