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So Very Fast

EyeGuide Focus is SOFAST™ (Simple,Objective, Fast, Affordable, Status Tracking). Focus replaces the “follow my finger” test for ocular motor function testing and captures 1,200 data points on eye movements in just 10 seconds. EyeGuide Focus enables unlimited testing for individuals, groups, and teams at every point on the continuum - baselines, post-activity, return to baseline, and ongoing monitoring. This rapid and non-invasive test enables you to capture, chart, and analyze objective data to better understand overall wellness.

The Pros Know

EyeGuide Focus is a breakthrough in brain health monitoring. It’s currently being used by major customers in the United States and internationally, including healthcare systems, professional and amateur sports leagues, colleges, school districts, communities, youth organizations, and university research partners.

Identifying Fatigue

EyeGuide Focus was utilized in a study by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center to test the visual attention of surgical staff at the end of 12 and 24 hour shifts. There was almost no change in visual attention when comparing performance at the start to the end of the 12 hour shifts. However, visual attention dropped significantly after a 24 hour stretch of work, suggesting that fatigue, due to the longer time on call, may be a cause of substantial visual attention impairment.

These findings led the department to change shifts to no more than 12 hours.


A college volleyball trainer suspected that his team was fatigued and underperforming after a long road trip during midterms. To confirm his suspicions and to come up with a remediation, he tested various key players with EyeGuide Focus. When compared to their baseline results, the players had significant drops in visual acuity, suggesting the possibility that fatigue and emotional stress, were hampering performance.

The trainer recommended a change in practice schedule, from early morning to the afternoon, to allow the team to recover.

Ensuring Well-Being

A high school soccer player unexpectedly takes a knee during a highly competitive game. The trainer observes her behavior and notifies the referee. He then utilizes EyeGuide Focus to test her visual acuity.

In just 10 seconds, he concludes that her visual attention is dramatically below her normal results and decides that she should no longer participate.

Monitoring Health

As part of the health and wellness program at a local active senior living community, EyeGuide Focus is used to help residents evaluate their overall health and well-being by regularly testing their visual attention. In just 10 seconds, residents are aware of any change verses their normal results.

With this information, the individual can work with their care team to monitor their overall well-being.