EyeGuide Focus


Our software is created with the needs of our users in mind. And, we continually refine it based on the feedback from hundreds of partners. This allows us to frequently enhance our software with new features through ongoing UX testing and easy-to-use EyeGuide Focus software that is designed to help partners help their users.

Tablet & Web

The EyeGuide Focus tablet app can be used to directly access profiles, create baselines and perform routine monitoring. Switching to the web app allows for power and ease when viewing user accounts, profiles, tests and organization settings. We make it easy to manage your EyeGuide Focus account, wherever you are.


EyeGuide has been making affordable and effective eye-tracking hardware since 2011. We’ve been at this for years, which means we know how to successfully make reliable, flexible, scientifically precise hardware solutions. In fact, EyeGuide Focus, an ocular motor testing kit in a box, is a major leap forward in fast and affordable ocular motor testing.

Sturdy, Field-tested, and Portable

TheEyeGuide Focus hardware is not only portable but also durable; it has been thoroughly field-tested to ensure its flexibility. The hardware can be safely stored and transported between testing sessions.

Crystal-Clear Pupil Identification

EyeGuide Focus clearly and accurately displays the pupil for viewing, making it easy to have confidence in the hardware’s ability to record actionable data

Meaningful Data.
Instant Feedback.

EyeGuide captures 1,200 data points in only 10 seconds, providing immediate feedback on ocular motor testing. EyeGuide Focus hardware allows for the rapid collection of a large amount of pupillary fixations from both the left and right eyes, making it easier to perform advanced eye-tracking.

Data Syncing

Worried about losing data? Want to use Eye Guide Focus on another iPad? The EyeGuide Focus platform enables a user to upload data for storage to the cloud, just as it allows downloads wherever needed—even to a different iPad. A user’s secure login credentials can be used on someone else’s device in order to test and then have that data synced to the cloud and with the user’s own EyeGuide Focus device.

Using syncing regularly has two major benefits:

All profile and test data is securely stored, both on the device and in the cloud.

All updated, anonymized biostatistical parameters from the EyeGuide Focus platform are added to the user’s device.

Why do these benefits matter?
Because it ensures that data stays safe and that test results can be trusted to be accurate and available wherever needed.

Learning System

Because EyeGuide Focus is a learning system, biostatistical thresholds are constantly updated. This translates to a user benefit: If you routinely sync, your device will always have the latest, most up-to-date thresholds for scoring tests.

Unlimited Use

The EyeGuide Focus platform was designed and developed to provide all users with unlimited accounts, profiles and tests. Our philosophy is to support our partners with the ability to use this system as often as needed. We want to provide partners with the tools to capture, chart and analyze data to enable monitoring of individuals and populations over time. The more data our partners have, the better insights they will gain.