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March 10, 2020

EyeGuide Provides Free Brain Health Testing to Eyekonz Athletes

PHILADELPHIA — March 10, 2020 — EyeGuide, Inc., a health technology and bioinformatics company revolutionizing the way brain health is monitored, teamed up with Eyekonz and NovaCare this past weekend to offer free brain health testing for 50-60 young athletes in Philadelphia using eye-tracking technology, EyeGuide Focus. Testing was provided Saturday to Eyekonz athletes, ranging from elementary to high school at the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships.

“We were excited to partner with Eyekonz and NovaCare for this event to help these young athletes from the Philadelphia area by providing parents with objective brain health data that they can provide to doctors in case of any suspected issues in the future,” said Patrick Carney, EyeGuide CEO. “We are eager to give young athletes a resource that can be used throughout the season. This event was an opportunity to support our community and share the capabilities of our technology in a way that benefits local youth sports programs and the families who participate.”

EyeGuide Focus is a simple, fast and objective eye-tracking solution essential to overall brain health monitoring. This tool captures, charts and analyzes objective data to provide immediate and actionable feedback. In just 10 seconds, EyeGuide Focus collects 1,200 datapoints from an athlete’s eye movements in order to track brain health at various stages — before a season, post activity and for ongoing monitoring.This tool will be fundamental in tracking the overall brain wellness of Eyekonz athletes.

The community event was in support of Eyekonz’ Comprehensive Concussion Management Program, which aims to provide high-quality brain health care opportunities for athletes and their parents. Eyekonz provides athletic opportunities to African American and Hispanic children in the Greater Philadelphia area through field hockey and lacrosse. Eyekonz uses sports to help young students learn life lessons such as hard work, discipline and healthy self-esteem. Learn more by visiting  

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About EyeGuide, Inc.

EyeGuide is a health technology and bioinformatics company developing solutions for greater public wellness by revolutionizing the way brain health is monitored. Through our patented eye-tracking technology, we are able to capture, chart and analyze objective data to better understand and monitor wellness for individuals such as athletes, medical & other industry workers, seniors and the military.  

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